00. SETTINGS (Arc in seven)



There are several races has ability that change things by music and dances.


Heejun meet with a man has no name. Heejun give a name to a man. Then they begin to know what is the free, and try to make a new future.


He lost his parents when he was a small child. Since then, he became a member of a strolling company. He’s a star player now.
He’s an innocent, brimming with curiosity, and caring. So he often get in trouble.
Heejun’s best friend, and he grew up as with Heejun’s brother in a strolling company. He was given a name from Heejun, and has been supported Heejun since then.
He’s a VOICE WEAPON(音声兵器) has no name. He has the strongest power in clan that manipulate all things by singing voice. He knows singing freely since met Heejun. And he is given a name from Heejun.
He was born in same clan with Geumhyuk. He’s take care of Geumhyuk since he was a child. He has talent of FIGHTING DANCE(舞闘). He is given a name from Geumhyuk. He knows Geumhyuk’s distress and try to support Geumhyuk.
He has ability of clan BALLISTIC VOICE RANGE(声域弾道). He’s a strongest military attache in his clan history. He’s rustic in his mission, but he’s usually cheerful and he like watching the show of travel entertainer.
He’s a vagrant minstrel. He’s from clan that play decree, but hate inconvenient, and chose the way as a minstrel. He’ s a popular as a beautiful freeman that play enormously sounds. He hate to involve politics, and love freedom. He is respected as a brother by Heejun and Yoonho.
He’s from a clan that record history by traditional MINSTREL DANCE(吟舞踊). His job as a recorder at castle is not always, so he usually opens the medicinal tea cafe. He produce the show of travel entertainer at the cafe, and collect information from various class people, and record the life people’s life. And he also has a face as a information store master.

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