01. SCENE1

♪1.♪ 무지개 – RAINBOW


(After the sunrise) musical instrument.
PENG is sitting at a precipice, and playing the instrument.
PENG look up the sky. And a leaf go to fly with the wind.
The company of the trip go along the bottom. YOONHO and HEEJUN appear from the cart of the company and point to the direction that they go and look at each other and laugh. The cart of the company goes into the castle town. Lively castle town. GEUMHYUK carried on a sedan chair on a big street, CHUNGHYEOP walks the side, and HOSUNG walks the rear more. The party passed front of a tea house. Over the lattice of the tea house, there is WOOYOUNG. WOOYOUNG is writing something, and after that puts a brush pen and stands up. WOOYOUNG go to the next room that small pouches which various names were written over there hangs. WOOYOUNG pass the small room, and go to the stage of the tea house.
PENG plays a musical instrument on the stage. WOOYOUNG begins to dance. HOSUNG appreciates the show happily in a seat. From the lattice of the window, YOONHO and HEEJUN look in happily. PENG notice at YOONHO and HEEJUN, YOONHO and HEEJUN wave their hand and run in just what happily. A leaf flies to wind on the street. The leaf flies over main street of the castle town and arrives before long to castle.
CHUNGHYEOP play FIGHTING DANCE outside. GEUMHYUK is reading something towards a desk in the room. When the leaf will arrive to GEUMHYUK, CHUNGHYEOP catches the leaf. GEUMHYUK looks up. CHUNGHYEOP closes the door of the room, and from the inside and lets go of a leaf outside again. The leaf is whirled up again and goes to the night sky.

♪1.♪ -end-

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